Monday, April 28, 2014

I will find you

Aside from being a government worker, a musician who plays in several local bands on occasion, a runner, a soccer player, a kickass husband and dad and a handsome man to boot, my husband is also an artist.

When we were dating and I was in teacher's college I would write books for my classes and he would illustrate them.

When I was pregnant with our first child he covered the entire nursery with murals that would have put Punky Brewster's bedroom to shame.

He went on to do many more murals for other kids and community centers.

When our daughters were born he did pencil, pen and ink and painted portraits of them. He also has a side business doing portraits for other babies and pets.

Soon our walls were covered in dozens of canvas paintings

So he had an art show where he sold some of his super hero paintings.

He did political cartoons for the newspaper, cartoons for his work newsletter and posters for the entire government.

After all this he came full circle, and was asked to illustrate a children's picture book, which was released yesterday.

Konrad, I will find you, by Jennifer Perlin is the story of a little boy starting preschool who suffers from separation anxiety. His biggest fear is that if he goes to such a big crowded place that his parents won't be able to find him when he's done. They reassure him that no matter where he is, they will always find him.

The book is now available to order from the publisher at this site. Ordering directly from the publisher rather than from amazon costs less.

It makes a wonderful bed time story and a great aid to anyone who has a small child suffering from separation anxiety or fear of starting school.

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