Thursday, April 11, 2013

Storing bath tub toys

(or no more gross boats)

Bath toys. Ugh. These are the reasons I hate them:

1. Husband is taking a shower after the kids are in bed. I suddenly hear crashing noises and @%@$% because he's stepped on a plastic Elmo head.

2. Wet slimy ooze on the bathroom counter from various rubber ducks and plastic boats that have been set down wet and left there for days.

3. Stubbing my toe several times a week on the random ones that get tossed into the hallway when they get removed from the tub and bathroom counter.

They have those toy baskets you can hang in your tub, but they are expensive and tend to fall down at the worst times. They also never fully dry if they stay in there and get very gross and full of mildew.

So now they go here:

I cleared part of the shelf in the linen closet just outside the bathroom door to make room for tub toys. I bought a dish rack from the dollar store and throw them in there. It holds them all well without any falling out, but the rack allows them to air dry nicely so they don't get gross.

Now when we give the girls a bath we just grab a handful from the rack and toss them back in when they're done. No more slime, no more stubbed toes and no more cursing at Elmo.


  1. I bought one of those 2 tier fruit baskets from costco for $10 LOVE IT!! :) works great with the handle for easy tub removal!!

  2. Oh that's a great idea. I would totally do that if we had a bigger bathroom and could actually set one of those down! I'm thinking of getting one for actual fruit though.

  3. great idea! I use a basket with holes in it, and yeah, my toys stay so much nicer now :)

  4. I got the gallon pitchers from Walmart and drilled holes in the bottom. They hang on the grab rail in my shower and drain nicely. :). All for $2 each instead on $15 for the scoop thingie.

    1. I love that idea! I always look at expensive products and solutions and try to recreate them on a dollar store budget. This dish rack has served us well this year, not only did it solve the bath toy issue, it's also at toddler height so when my daughter gets into the closet she's tempted by the bright colors and doesn't decide to pull our sheets out all over the floor.

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