Thursday, April 4, 2013

How to save money on cloth diapers

(or stop now while you still can!)

Any cloth diapering mom trying to convert a pregnant woman always offers the same advice- it will save you SO much money!

THIS IS NOT TRUE! Well... most of the time. Because this is what happens:

Look at my stash, isn't it neat? Wouldn't you think my collection complete? Wouldn't you think I'm the girl, the girl who has every diaper? I've got Sweetpeas and Alvas a plenty, I've got CB and BG galore, you want Fuzzibunz? I got plenty, but who cares, no big deal, I want morrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre......

It's too late to save me. I'm too far in. But here is some advice to those new moms and converts out there who still have time.

1. Put a cap on it. You only need so many diapers per bum. 24 should do you nicely, 36 if you really want to stretch it. Once you go past that you're getting into addiction land.

2. Find your brand and stick to it. If something works for you don't try anything else (my mistake) because the more brands you're working the more 'limited edition colors and prints' you just HAVE to have.

3. Stay away from online buy/sell/trade groups. You may think you're going to make money selling off the diapers that you don't use but you won't, you'll just buy 10 times more from the other group members.

4. Don't ever EVER start buying diapers that you need to bid on.

5. There is no shame in using disposables overnight. Most of the money I spent was in trying about half a dozen night time systems that in the end didn't work. One disposable a day won't cost you much.

6. If you must buy more, only use money that you've made selling other diapers.

7. Remind yourself- why do I spend half my life obsessing over something for my child to poop into?

8. Make yourself tell your husband about every new diaper you buy instead of hiding them in your current stash.

9. If you've got another one on the way, lower your cap per bum. I doubled my stash and then only had two in diapers for 2 months. Just treat your new baby to a few diapers if you want.

10. If you fall in love with a certain brand later in the game, don't buy an entire stash of them immediately. Chances are the honeymoon will be over after a couple of months and you'll have moved on to something else. I have a friend who bought an entire stash of 7 different brands.


12. If you have enough diapers, no browsing. Not in baby stores, not online, not on the diaper tables of play dates houses. Once you see it, you will find reasons you 'need' it.

13. If a friend posts a cute fluffy bum online, never ever ask 'where did you get it?' You won't just be buying that diaper, but it will probably lead to a new brand/store/site/style. Don't go down that road.

14. NEVER GOOGLE! A random pondering for a specific print can lead to dozens more diapers from wherever it come from.

15. Unless you're in dire financial straights, ignore all this advice and enjoy your fluffy little bum. They are only babies for a short time.


  1. so true! I've also started giving away diapers for friends and family to try so I could justify buying more

    1. Ha I actually did this last month! And I have another friend I'm considering giving more to...

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